Q & A
  • I'm about to choose a nursing home. What's the difference between your facility and other facilities?
  • (A)Read our Creative Solutions Difference
  • How do I know if my loved one needs to be place in a Nursing Home?
  • (A)
    • Cannot take care of themselves due to a physical, emotional or mental problem.
    • Bathing, Eating, and other personal needs become hard for the individual to take care of.
    • Requires more care and attention than a caregiver can provide.
    • Might wander away if not supervised by a caregiver.
    • Discharged from the hospital and requires temporary skilled nursing care before returning home or to a residential facility.
    • Was recommended to be placed in a nursing home by a Doctor or other physician.
  • How do I pay for Nursing Home Care?
  • (A)We work to provide creative solutions in getting the funds for nursing home care. Our staff can walk you through the process of obtaining Medicaid or Medicare funding. Private funding is also a means to pay for nursing care. Learn more...
  • Can you send me a DVD video and literature of your facility?
  • (A) Sure. Please contact us to provide your mailing information and which facility you are interested in. You can also watch the guided tour of any of our facilities by clicking here.
  • Can I take a personal tour of a facility?
  • (A) Absolutely. Please call in advance of your visit to arrange for someone to show you around and answer your questions. If possible, please bring a list of questions or concerns that we can help address.
  • I heard that the food at a skilled nursing facility is not that great. Is this true?
  • (A) There's no doubt that many nursing homes neglect their dietary services. We have gone the extra mile to provide great tasting food that is beneficial to our residents. We use the freshest ingredients to provide enhanced meals that are nutriously balanced and taste great.
  • I have specific medical needs that must be cared for. Can you offer personalized care that will help meet my needs?
  • (A) Yes. Before being admitted into our care facility a skilled nursing professional will sit down with you and your family to develop a tailored program that meets your needs.
Did you know?

Medicare is the federally funded program a person automatically becomes eligible for at the age of 65. It provides very limited coverage in a skilled nursing facility. Medicaid is a state funded program, with each state determining eligibility through specific criteria, which may vary from state to state. Specific coverage under the Medicaid program will be provided to eligible recipients prior to time of admission.